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Faraz Teb Tajhiz Co Featured
Faraz Teb Tajhiz Co

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FTT Int. Co. was incorporated early 2004 in Tehran, the capital city of IRAN. After four years, FTT's annual turnover is around $1,000,000. Providing researchers with advanced sophisticated scientific instruments at the edge of technology as a pioneer professional company. FTT is always looking for new products and techniques which facilitate research and guarantee accuracy and reproducibility. We are trying hard to be renowned as a vendor who is always aware of the advanced techniques and can provide clients with the latest instruments which are operated taking advantage of the latest pioneer methods.

Tel.: 02188575403

Email: Info@FarazTebCo.Com

Website: http://faraztebco.com/

Mabna Teyf Co Featured
Mabna Teyf Co

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شرکت مبناطيف در سال 1384 با بهره مندي از تجارب چندين ساله موسسين آن در زمينه آناليز دستگاهي به منظور انجام فعاليت تخصصي بر روي دستگاههاي اسپکتروسکپي تاسيس گرديده است. اين شرکت در ابتدا فقط محصولات برند Varian را عرضه مي نمود ، اما در سال 1387 به منظور توسعه فعاليت خود، تغيير ساختار داده و با قرار گرفتن در مجموعه مرکز آناليز دستگاهي (ماد) و بهره مندي از تجارب و امکانات ارزنده ديگر شرکتهاي اين مجموعه، وارد بازار کروماتوگرافي نيز گرديد و در اين راستا به عرضه محصولات کمپاني DANI ايتاليا پرداخت. در سال 1999 شرکت Varian توسط کمپاني Agilent خريداري گرديد و امتياز بخشي ار محصولاتش نيز به کمپاني Bruker فروخته شد.

Tel.: 02126203058

Email: info@mabnateyf.com

Website: http://www.mabnateyf.com/

Behan Chemical Co Featured
Behan Chemical Co

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Behan Chemical Co. was founded in 1996 by a team with long proven experience in the field of chromatography. Behan’s mission has been supplying high quality products and services to analytical labs, and especially to chromatographers, the endeavor which remains to this day the company’s foremost corporate goal.

Tel.: 02122018901


Website: http://www.behanchemical.com/

Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute Featured
Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute

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Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute with almost a century of experience is known as one of the most reputed scientific research centers in Iran. This institute began its activities in 1925 under the supervision of Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad. At the time death rates during outbreaks of Rinderpest were extremely high, so Razi Institute took up widespread eradication efforts and after a short time produced vaccine against Rinderpest.

Tel.: +982634570038-46


Website: https://www.rvsri.ac.ir/Portal/Home/

Amirkabir University of Technology Featured
Amirkabir University of Technology

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Amirkabir University of Technology’s vision is to become a 3rd generation university that trains its students to be innovative change makers that will shape the future of the world by tackling challenges and creating a brighter future for all

Tel.: +982164540


Website: https://aut.ac.ir/

Iranian Sosiety of Nanomedicine Featured
Iranian Sosiety of Nanomedicine

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The Iranian Sosiety of Nanomedicine was established in 2011 to promote new sciences, especially nanoscience in medicine, and it is main policy and goal is to use scientific achievements in related industries and technologies and in short to increase the health and wealth of society by using From medical nanotechnology.

Tel.: 02188954925

Email: info@isnm.ir

Website: https://isnm.ir/

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Featured
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

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Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS) is one of the three medical universities in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It began its mission in 1961 with establishing the School of Medicine.The university is basically government funded and its fundamental cornerstones include the Board of Trustees, chancellor, and the University Council. Furthermore, 8 vice -chancellors in Academic & Education, Research & Technology, Health, Tre.atment, Food & Drug, Administration and Resources Development, Cultural & Students affairs, and International Affairs are the main wings of the university in fulfilling its tasks

Tel.: +982122439770

Email: Intl_office@sbmu.ac.ir

Website: https://en.sbmu.ac.ir/

Kharazmi University Featured
Kharazmi University

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The first institution for educating teachers for primary schools of Iran was established as Darol-Mo'allemin-e Markazi (Central House of Teachers) in the building of the Ministry of Culture in Takht-e-Zomorod district of Tehran in 1919. With the increase in the number of schools in Iran and the growing need for trained teachers, Darol-Mo'allemin-e Markazi was upgraded to Darol-Mo'allemin Aali (Higher House of Teachers) by the Higher Council for Sciences in October 1926. In December 1927, the Iranian Parliament passed a law to modify the statute of the latter institution to support it further and help employ its graduates nationwide.

Tel.: +982188347822

Email: info@khu.ac.ir

Website: https://khu.ac.ir

Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society Featured
Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society

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The Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society (IrEMS) is a national organization of national or regional members. Its primary purpose is to provide a means whereby those regional scientists engaged in environmental mutagenesis research and related fields in Iran and other regional countries may communicate more readily with each other, thereby advancing both basic and applied research in this area of science. IrEMS activities should be financed from dues paid by the actual members, Legal Entities Members, from the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology, Research Deputy, Commission of Iranian Scientific Societies, grants and gifts, and from the proceeds of National and International conferences.

Tel.: +989018187539

Email: info@irems.ir

Website: http://en.irems.ir