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The effect of graphene sheet on perovskite solar cell efficiency by SCAPS-1D simulation software

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Writers: Farshid Jamshidi, Somayeh salmani

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Tag: Nanophysics

Code: GP-67981

Abstract: The performance of a Peroskite solar cell (PSC) is improved....

The performance of a Peroskite solar cell (PSC) is improved with a Graphene electron transport layer (ETL) using SCAPS-1D simulation software. Factors effecting solar cell performance such as absorber layer thickness, carrier mobility, doping concentration and carrier transport layer thickness have been studied. By adding Graphene to structure Cu2o/CH3NH3SNI3/PCMB, in the form of Graphene/Cu2o/CH3NH3SNI3/PCMB the optimized efficiency increases from 27.34% to 36.29%.

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