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Effect of Poly(acrylonitrile) Solution on Shape, Size and Optical Absorption Properties of Gold Nanoparticles Fabricated by Laser Ablation Synthesis in Solution

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Writers: Amir Shahin Shamsabadi, Ameneh Farnood, Hossein Tavanai, Mehdi Ranjbar

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Tag: Nanostructure fabrication and characterisation

Code: GP-23049

Abstract: Abstract: In this research the effect of ....

Abstract: In this research the effect of poly(acrylonitrile) solution on fabricated gold nanoparticles through laser ablation synthesis in solution in terms of shape, size and absorption properties have been investigated in comparison to DI water as the medium of the synthesis. The final produced gold nanoparticles have a spherical shape in both medium. Moreover, laser ablation of the gold target in poly(acrylonitrile) solution in dimethylformamide showed a decrease in average size from 90 nm to 64 nm. A rather more uniform dispersion of gold nanoparticles with lower aggregation has been observed in the poly(acrylonitrile) solution. Also a red-shift in the localized surface plasmon resonance peak of the fabricated gold nanoparticles from 522 nm to 527 nm has been obtained by using poly(acrylonitrile) solution in dimethylformamide as medium of the laser ablation of gold. Keywords: Gold nanoparticles, Poly(acrylonitrile), Laser ablation synthesis in solution, Localized surface plasmon resonance

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