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Fabrication of Dates Stone Based Activated Carbon Nanostructures by Microwave Assisted H3PO4 Activation

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Writers: Amir Shahin Shamsabadi, Mehdi Bazarganipour, Hossein Tavanai

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Tag: Nanostructure fabrication and characterisation

Code: GP-92480

Abstract: Abstract: Nowadays, renewable and environmentally friendly....

Abstract: Nowadays, renewable and environmentally friendly agricultural wastes have attracted a considerable amount of attention as precursors in order to fabrication of activated carbon nanostructures. In this work H3PO4 chemically activation of dates stone with the assistance of microwave heating has been investigated as a new method to fabricate activated carbon nanostructures. FESEM images of the resulting activated carbon nanostructures showed an interesting porous structure for the final activated sample as a result of microwave induced activation. Moreover, nitrogen adsorption/desorption analysis of the samples showed a significance increase in the specific surface area of the sample after microwave H3PO4 activation from 3.15 m2.g-1 to 342.27 m2.g-1 (14.11% yield). Finally, FTIR results proved the complete transformation of dates stone into activated carbon nanostructure. Keywords: Activated carbon nanostructures, Dates stone, Microwave, H3PO4

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