Message from the Congress Chair

Friday 2021/02/05



Dear scholars, researchers and guests, I shall first thank the Almighty for the honor bestowed upon me to convey my greetings and respect to you on this very occasion, the scientific gathering for the 8th International Congress of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ICNN2021, to review the most advanced measures in the field of nanotechnology, which will be held in the holy city of Mashhad near the Noble Imam's holy shrine Ali Ibn Musa Al-Reza (AS), the eighth Shia Imam (PBUH). 

Today, nanotechnology, which is a great phenomenon in all fields and scientific trends, has emerged as a rapidly developing technology and the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. This technology, with its numerous applications in medicine, industrial products, aerospace, electronics and military, has gained due prominence among the sciences in recent years.

Even though it has only been few decades since Iran entered the field of nanotechnology, with the efforts of the country's eminent researchers and scientists, Iran has now become one of the world's scientific powers in the field and ranks fourth in terms of science production in the world followed by the United States, China and India. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made substantial progress not only in the field of production of science and articles in the field of nanotechnology, but also in its implementation and transformation into important industries and products.

With profound gratitude to the organizers of this event, it is my fervent wish that during this congress we can create a suitable atmosphere to present the achievements of researchers and intellectuals as well as discussing and exchanging views with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of science.

I hope that, with the will of God Almighty and the complete eradication of the coronavirus transmission chain, you will honor us with your presence in the holy city of Mashhad in the foreseeable future.

May God bless all with good health and prosperity.


Dr. Mohammad Hossein Bahreini

President of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences



February 2021

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